Though our Pods use much less plastic than many traditional beverage brands, we are constantly challenging ourselves to become more sustainable. We are currently testing breakthrough technology that will allow us to recover the plastic from Pods and use it to create new ones.

A smaller footprint is a better footprint

Our innovative packaging uses less resources to produce than a ready-to-drink beverage.

Less plastic.
More goodness.

We created a Vessel that is reusable, so you can use it to create your beverage and take it with you, over and over again.

Recycling your Pod is easy.

Recycling your Drinkfinity Pods is simple. Each order contains a Return Mailer which will allow to return your used Pods at no cost to you. If you are a UK resident, we have partnered with TerraCycle to create a UK National Recycling Program - log onto www.TerraCycle.com/Drinkfinity and just follow the easy steps.

Sustainability Vision

Drinkfinity was born out of a greater need for choice, personalization and a sustainable lifestyle. We are thinking beyond the beverage and setting out to redefine the way we drink, by building a global brand that connects the dots between wellness and versatility, while trying to balance the needs of both people and the planet. Our vision is to offer a drinking system with a Vessel and Pod that together, reduce the environmental footprint of disposable water bottles and ready to drink beverages.

What We’ve Achieved

The Drinkfinity system is composed of a Vessel and Pod. The Drinkfinity Vessel is BPA-free, impact resistant and reusable. Instead of using disposable bottles, fill your Drinkfinity Vessel with water and take it with you, wherever you go. The Drinkfinity Pods contain both dry and liquid ingredients and are designed with your needs in mind. When Drinkfinity Pods are popped, they transform your water into a delicious beverage, with no artificial flavors. With our Vessel and Pods, we’ve already achieved significant waste reduction; each serving of Drinkfinity uses less plastic than a comparable ready-to-drink beverage, and they are much more efficient to ship and store.

Our Next Steps

Our vision is to produce Drinkfinity Pods with the smallest possible environmental footprint. To that end we are investing in technologies to allow us to manufacture pods that are even easier to recycle and made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET plastic.

We’ve also installed technology to ensure that 100% of the energy used at our pod manufacturing plant will come from solar energy and natural gas. By harnessing these energy sources, our goal is to create pods with 100% clean energy by the end of 2019. Our goal is to continue to support Water.org in providing people around the world, access to safe water and sanitation.

Our pods use approximately 65% less plastic per ounce of beverage[i] and 7 times fewer trucks to deliver an equivalent amount of beverage[ii].

[i] Our Pods use up to 66% less plastic per ounce of beverage, compared to a 500 ml RTD bottled beverage. (From spreadsheet, g plastic/ounce of beverage for pod is 0.58 and g plastic/ounce of beverage for 500 ml RTD is 1.73. Percent less calculated as (1.73-0.58)/1.73 = 66% less) [ii] Our Pods use fewer trucks for transportation compared with 500 ml RTD beverage bottles. (The 7 times factor is based on a truckload of pods equal to 33,000 gallons of prepared beverage, and a truckload of 500 ml RTD delivering 4449 gallons)

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